• Global eVTOL pioneer AutoFlight has signed a deal for over 100 Aircraft with Heli-Eastern
  • Both Companies to explore pioneering eVTOL cargo and passenger services in the Shenzhen region

Shenzhen, China (September 2023):

AutoFlight, the global eVTOL (electric Vertical Take Off and Landing) pioneer, today announced it has entered into a deal with Heli-Eastern. The agreement demonstrates the company’s commitment to the region, which both parties believe could be a trailblazer for eVTOL services. 

About AutoFlight

AutoFlight is a global high-tech startup dedicated to developing and manufacturing electric aerial vehicles to provide safe and reliable logistics systems and urban air mobility solutions for people. AutoFlight uses its experience with artificial intelligence, 5G, breakthrough materials, and advanced manufacturing in the drone market to drive developments in the eVTOL industry. The company has a diversified eVTOL product mix, focusing on large-scale logistics aircraft and passenger aerial vehicles.

AutoFlight is backed by European tech holding company Team Global.