From small to big.
From cargo to manned.
We hypothesize boldly, prove conscientiously.


Next Generation Autonomous Manned eVTOL

- Max Range: 250 km (~155 miles)

- Cruising Speed: 200km/h (~125mph)

- Propulsion: Fully Electric

- Powertrain: Lifting Propellers *8 + Cruising Propellers *1

- Noise Signature: Low

-Availability: Full weather and night


- Reliability: Redundancy

- Parachute: Full vehicle parachute

- Safety level: Commercial airliner

- Certification: EASA (Europe) and CAAC (China)

- Certification target date: 2025

2022.01 Prosperity I-POC Transition Flight

AutoFlight is one of the first eVTOL companies in the world to successfully achieve a transition flight for an eVTOL capable of carrying three passengers and a pilot

2021.10 Prosperity I-POC Maiden Flight

Oct 2021, our autonomous passenger eVTOL proof of concept of Prosperity I
has accomplished its maiden flight.


Ultra-heavy load Industrial eVTOL

V400 specs

Max. takeoff weight
400 kg

Max. payload
100 kg

Max. range
270 km

Airframe Parachute

White shark

Ultra-long range Industrial eVTOL

V50 specs

Max. takeoff altitude
5,000 m

Max. payload
20 kg

Max. range
230 km (20kg payload)
500 km