Long-distance Inspection on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

2020-05-20 16:00:57 msq44083332 72

On April 16, 2020, AutoFlight team completed the high-altitude inspection application of the V50 series UAV in Qinghai-Tibet plateau. The 100-kilometer-level full HD image transmission of the Jaws V50, whether from effective transmission distance, transmission delay, In terms of image quality and video fluency, it has reached industry-leading levels. 

Flying over the plateau, great white shark 100-kilometer-level video transmission is clear and reliable

Unlike consumer-grade drones, industry-grade drones need to patrol and obtain live images and videos while away from the scene. Therefore, as the image transmission system of the UAV's "eyes", it plays an important role. During this high-altitude flight, the image transmission system of V50 realized 1080p 30-frame real-time video transmission beyond 100KM. The key data was transmitted in the double backup transmission of the video transmission link and the data transmission link to ensure data safety and reliability. The 100-kilometer-level full HD video transmission of the White Shark series UAV has reached the industry's leading position in terms of effective transmission distance, transmission delay, image quality, and video smoothness.

Flying on the plateau also tests the power and flight control of the drone

At high altitude, the air becomes thinner, which has a huge impact on the power of the drone, especially the lift of the rotor. Under the condition of constant speed, the smaller the air density, the lower the lift obtained by the drone, and the lower the output power. The larger the area. Aiming at high altitude flight, AutoFlight’s technicians have made system-level and module-level optimizations to reduce or even avoid the influence of altitude on the UAV’s lift, and combine multi-sensor data fusion algorithms to ensure navigation accuracy during flight. This enables V50 to adapt to fixed-wing flight at an altitude of 0-5000m, and can achieve vertical takeoff and landing at 0-4000m.


The plateau area is vast and sparsely populated, and AutoFlight team has overcome difficulties. Whether it is a stable video transmission of 100 kilometers or a long-endurance flight at high altitude, in the field of industry-level drones, AutoFlight will continue to move forward. . (The End)