Shanghai multi-level government leaders intensively investigate AutoFlight

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On the afternoon of May 21st, Wu Qing, member of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor, and Liu Jian, Mayor of Jinshan District, and other leaders investigated AutoFlight.

图片关键词 Deputy Mayor Wu Qing expressed great affirmation of AutoFlight's integrated high power-to-weight ratio motor with independent intellectual property rights. It is pointed out that key technologies and core components cannot be stuck in the process of high-end product development and manufacturing.


The AutoFlight team reported to Vice Mayor Wu Qing the application direction of core products, which are mainly used for patrols, cargo delivery, and manned operations. At present, it mainly relies on AI, 5G, aerospace, new materials and other technologies to provide the society with safer and more efficient aerial three-dimensional services.

On the afternoon of May 29th, Lu Xiaochun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Hu Weiguo, Secretary of Jinshan District Party Committee, and Zhang Quanquan, Deputy District Mayor of Jinshan District, and other leaders investigated AutoFlight. Mr. Tian Yu, chairman and founder of AutoFlight, reported the latest commercial progress and technological innovation results to Secretary Lu Xiaochun. Secretary Lu Xiaochun is very caring about AutoFlight's large-scale eVTOL aircraft products. He has learned about our development process and key technologies in detail. On-site, he has asked some questions on the fuselage carbon fiber composite technology, high power-to-weight ratio motors, and airworthiness safety issues.

图片关键词 Secretary Lu Xiaochun’s concern is precisely the reason why AutoFlight can make these products. AutoFlight’s team has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in aviation products, and has rich experience in aircraft design, manufacturing and airworthiness certification. China has also built its own core competitiveness, including manned-level autonomous flight control and avionics technology, as well as high power-to-weight ratio motors and electronic control systems. In addition, the AutoFlight team has experience in obtaining airworthiness certification for multiple models, and is currently actively working with the Civil Aviation Administration of China, EASA and other agencies to promote the airworthiness of eVTOL aircraft.

AutoFlight’s large-payload fire-fighting flying robot can be applied to urban high-rise and forest fire-fighting. Secretary Lu Xiaochun recognized the application of this product and said that the product can help solve the currently difficult fire-fighting problem in the city, and technology is the key to solving the problem . At the same time, he also proposed that AutoFlight's V50 product, which has been mass-produced, should speed up market layout and occupy the market. (The End)