White Shark V40

Vertical take-off and landing long duration UAS

Canard aerodynamic design
  • Low drag, high lift-drag ratio
  • Stall-free, safer flying
  • 8 lifting motors against gust with redundancy
Top notch German aviation craftsmanship
  • Light weight
  • Strong
  • Rigid
Electric/Hybrid dual power source
  • Ultra-high power density battery cells
  • Battery management system
Autoflight proprietary flight control system
  • Dual-redundancy CAN bus
  • High speed ethernet bus
  • Triple-redundancy flight control module
  • Independent modular avionics architecture
100+km dual frequency video link with data redundancy
  • COFDM technique
  • 915Mhz/2.4Ghz dual band with data redundancy
  • 1080p/30fps @100+km
  • Remote controller integrated
3-axis gimbal stabilized camera
  • 3 axis stabilized gimbal with +/- 0.005˚ accuracy
  • 30x optical zoom 4K camera
  • 30fps 640x480 infrared camera
  • Small and light
Onboard AI module
  • Deep learning algorithm
  • Real time image processing for target recognition and tracking
Multi-screen ground station & Drone health system
  • 3x 1000nit IPS screens for wide view
  • Water-cooled GTX1080Ti video card integrated for peak performance
  • Rugged and rigid
  • Drone health care system for real time monitoring

White Shark V40 Platform